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Along with Computer Passions (the site you are on now), the sites listed below all focus on connecting computer loving singles with others who love things typically associated with computers, like programming, AI, computer design and generally all things 'nerdy'. So, if you are looking for a great dating site for nerdy, geeky computer lovers, then the sites below should be perfect for you. Check them out and you are bound to find a LOT of computer loving singles on every one of them.


Welcome to Geeks Dating! We are the premier online dating site for geeks and nerds of all kinds. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship, dating, or just someone to chat with, we have a match for you. Our site is designed to help geeks and nerds find like-minded people who share their interests, hobbies, and passions. With our advanced search tools, you can easily find someone who shares your interests and values. Join for free!


Nerd Dating Connexion

Meet Nerdy Singles! Sign Up and Find Love Tonight!
Are you a single nerd? Do other people think you are a nerd? Do you? If so, then Nerd Dating Connexion may just be your home away from home!

Geek Online Personals

Geek and Nerd Dating Website
Looking to meet other singles who share your nerdy interests? Geek Online Personals is a great place to meet fellow geeks and nerds for friendship, romance, love and maybe more.

Nerd Dating Site

Finding Nerdy Singles Doesnt Have to be Hard.
If you want to meet singles who are nerds and proud of it, then you need to sign up with Nerd Dating and meet your match!

Geek or Nerd Dating

"Get Ready for Some Nerdy Fun!"
Have you been searching for geeks or nerds online but for some reason you have had problems finding them! Guess what? You found them!

Geek Dating Service

Let Your Geek Flag Fly!
"Enough already with the vapid and superficial dating scene. If you are a self-proclaimed and proud “geek,” or maybe you’re into the distinct sexiness of geeks, then Geek Dating Service is for you."


Forces Of Love

A Rebel In Love?
The beauty of niche dating sites is that they provide you with like-minded singles who enjoy something you really love. Forces Of Love is the perfect site for you to begin a romantic adventure, if you are up for it. Join today!

Sci Fi Dating Connexion

Meet Nerdy Sci Fi Singles And Find Love Tonight!
If you love everything there is to science fiction; whether it is movies, books, or comic conventions, and you have seen all the Star Wars movies, watched all the Star Trek series, and played many sci fi video games, Sci Fi Dating Connexion should be a great site for you!

Geeky Date

Geeks And Nerds
Geeky Date is filled with self-described geeks and nerds. Considering they tend to be smarter than the average person (just a guess), then this may be a great site to find others who would be into playing video games, or watching sci-fi movies with. Join for free and have fun!

Geek Chat City

"Be Among Friends When You're Part of Geek Chat City!"
"Today being a geek is infinitely cooler than it once was. Gone is the stigma; today's geeks wear their titles with pride - exactly the type of geeks you'll meet here at Geek Chat City!"

Nerd Dating Service

Meet Intelligent Singles at Nerd Dating Service!
Got the hots for nerds? If so, you have just hit the jackpot! Join this amazing dating site that is geared towards nerds and those who love them. Sign up right now and find a date today!


Muggle Fandom

It's Time for a Love Spell!
If you aren't near Platform 9 3/4's, it's much easier to meet fellow Potterheads on Muggle Fandom. This is an online dating site and everyone MUST be at least 18, but considering when the books came out, there are A LOT of people well over 18 who fell in love with the magic of HP. If you are looking for a site where you can suggest meeting over a (butter)beer for a chat, then join today and meet the muggle of your dreams!

Nerd Singles Chat

Find Your Smart Guy or Girl for a Chat at Nerd Singles Chat Club!
Nerd Singles Chat is the place to be to see just how nerdy you are! There are a whole host of single nerds here for you to interact with and test your nerdiness against!


*Sites listed on this page are a combination of ads, affiliate related Sites and general non-partnership related sites that match the theme of Computer Passions.