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Sixwheels's Blog A Speech Recognition Comparison
Posted by Sixwheels on 2012-06-29 18:51:04.

cLet me start off by saying that I had never used speech recognition before Windows Vista, and I had never used Dragon NaturallySpeaking before version 11.5. I've seen several videos comparing the two programs, but nothing ever in depth enough to give a disabled person a real opportunity to make an informed decision. I now am quite savvy on Windows Speech Recognition, and have had about two weeks worth of experience with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. There is no comparison, first, in price point;... No comments



Genericnpc's Blog Way Back Home (GNR)
Posted by Genericnpc on 2010-10-26 00:04:41.

You know what I'm absolutely not gonna miss? Travelling from Washington back to Phoenix via a cramped RV with my grandparents. Oh, I know how glamorous this must seem to the layman...having gramps fartin' on the fold-out couch I'm gonna sleep on everynight with no regard to my comfort is just a goddamn joy. Cleaning up kitty vomit every night? ---- yes, man. And what, you may wonder, do I think about the really impressively bad wi-fi I was barely able to manage on their years old laptop? Absolutely... No comments



Lonekiltedninja's Blog Returning Thoughts
Posted by Lonekiltedninja on 2010-06-28 18:29:14.

It's been a while since I've been on here actually doing more than responding politely to a woman brave enough to contact me. As I've said before, I do keep meeting wonderful, enjoyable, and when I'm lucky, compatible ladies here, and from time to time that compatibility turns into months of really wanting to take a connection seriously. So I do thank everyone who has either reached out to me, or responded to my own out-of-the-blue hailing- I've gained something valuable from meeting each of you,... No comments



Lonekiltedninja's Blog Thoughts from the industry
Posted by Lonekiltedninja on 2010-01-31 18:32:48.

You'd think that in a high-stakes, highly-competitve, high-tech industry, if there was a saying on failure it would be "don't." And yet, in all the years I've spent leading up to and entering gaming tech, it has been quite the opposite. There are quite a few attitudes from academics and work that I can't help but bring with me to dating, so while they're on my mind, I figure I should be out with them and see if anyone bites. My current department probably captures the notion of failure most... No comments

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